Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marion Hill is the creator of this blog. I’m the author of ” The Wisdom of Kammbia Column” where I will give my opinion on various topics from Book Reviews, Music Reviews, Christianity, and NBA Basketball (Especially my favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs)

I’m a Christian and will write from that perspective.  However, I’ve had a long, hard journey to get this far and I believe we should be able to communicate with believers and non-believers alike with the respect, decency, and integrity we all deserve.

I have created the fictional world of Kammbia for my upcoming novel, The Descendant of Destiny. It will be released in early June.

I’ve been married to my lovely wife, Jessica for six years and I’m the father of two kids, David and Norah who keep me on my toes. Also, I’m a member of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX where Max Lucado is a minister.

I can be reached at kammbia1@gmail.com for further contact.


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