Quotes 77

“Many modern artists, it seems to me, have forgotten the value that art has in itself. Much modern art is far too intellectual to be great art. Many modern artists seem not to see the distinction between man and non-man, and it is a part of the lostness of modern man that they no longer see value in the work of art as a work of art.
I am afraid, however, that as evangelicals we have largely made the same mistake. Too often we think that a work of art has value only if we reduce it to a tract. This too is to view art solely as a message for the intellect.”

(Francis Schaeffer, Art and the Bible)

Quotes 76

There is a common saying that goes like this, “If I knew then what I know now, my life would have been so much easier or better.”

Well, I believe that cheats of fullness and duration of life. If you learned everything by 29, why get older? Somehow, we have to come to believe that wisdom comes when we are young. Actually, its the opposite and by understanding that we will honor every season of our lives, not the one that society views as the most valuable.

(Aaron Johnson)

Quotes 71

“Discussion is debate, discussion is the exchange of ideas, discussion is examining and re-examining your viewpoint, and discussion is about ultimately about clarity and not agreement.”
Discussion is not about I’m always right and you are always wrong.  Because no one has all the answers.  Discussion is not about resorting to personal attacks when you disagree with someone.  When discussion goes there, that person becomes as dogmatic as a religious zealot and authoritative as a leader or authority figure misusing and abusing their power. And when discussion goes there…no one wins. 

However, I still prefer to have discussion because that’s where true understanding and real change takes place.”

(Aaron Johnson)